Positive 2013

Year 2013 positive affirmation calendar with 365 daily affirmations and high resolution pictures, creating a powerful positive mindset to bring positive life changes. Features daily live tiles, semantic zoom to see all months, share and search via Windows 8 charms.

Positive affirmations are statements you repeat that affect the subconscious mind, which sets in belief and eventually they will manifest to become your reality. 

A powerful positive mindset brings positive life changes. We know that if we want to be in control, we will have to rise above negativity.

Terms of Service

1. Positive 2013 displays 365 daily inspirational images and sayings for the year 2013.

2. From Account settings you may sign in with your Windows account details and allow Positive 2013 to also display your calendar entries and contact's birthdays.

3. If you are using a local account you will need to sign in each time you use Positive 2013, and you can also sign out.

4. If you are using a Microsoft account after authorising Positive 2013 it will automatically sign in each time it is used. You cannot sign out of a Windows account, but you can change permissions in your Windows account settings online.

Privacy Policy

Positive 2013 does not collect, store or transmit any personal information.

The application requests permission to use your internet connection so that you may sign in and allow the application to display your calendar entries and contact's birthdays, however this information is not stored or transmitted.

If you are using a Windows account and authorise the application then it will sign in automatically, however this is controlled by Windows Live and no information is stored directly by the application. You can change these application permissions at any time in your account settings.

You may also Share daily affirmations from the application, however the information shared by Positive 2013 does not include any personal information.