iCaptain become the Ultimate Captain and build the biggest fleet  throughout time and space.

As an unknown Captain you start in the medieval time period. There the Captain can build canoes, Viking vessels, Pirate ships and much more to enhance the fleet.  Campaigning the fleet into battle with upstart Captains and returning with victory will build reputation.

As the Captains fleets grows many scenarios with unique ships can be unlocked among them are Victorian Air, Submarines, Iron Tankers , Time Travel and more scenarios updated  and added regularly.

Each scenario takes you to unique salvage locations to acquire the materials required to build ships.

Take the helm of your own fleet victory, power, reputation all await, iCaptain.


Massive Multiplayer ONLINE Game for the iPhone and iPhone Touch!

* Regularly updated with new scenarios and ships!

* Fight other Captains across time and space.

* Built ships in different scenarios and learn about each vessel.

* Expect many feature updates.


-This is an online game only.  iPod Touch user must be connected to the WiFi in order to play.

- Only the full version of iCaptain is where you can purchase Pirate gold.

Power, battle and prestige can be yours iCaptain.